With our expertise and our 3D design tools we can show you your future naval architecture

and marine interior design project using photorealism, if you were there! ...

You control all the parameters: From the editable "tailor-made" to infinity: interior

design, exterior, colours, furniture, materials, etc... With Martin Defline your

architectural project comes to life even before it is built! We look after the design

and decor, right down to the overall concept of all the plans.

Martin Defline, naval architect and interior designer,

has 20 years of experience, including collaboration with the prestigious

architect Philippe Briand.

We are based in France, but the customer base of our naval architecture company

is about 70% international clients (North America, Northern and Eastern

Europe, East Asia and South America).

We are specialists in pleasure boats, in the design of catamarans, but we work on

any type of boat or yacht: monohull, powerboat, offshore sailboats, day boats ...

Our products can be summed up in four words: performance, innovation, technology

and design.

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