"Martin Defline is at the forefront of naval architecture."

Emmanuel Van Deth – Loisirs Nautique

"This was the star of the show. At the Multihull Boat Show, this new catamaran

by Defline Martin was a huge success."

Sébastien Mainguet - Voiles Magazine

"A classy boat from all points of view. Burning a bright fashionable future..."

Eric Vibart – Voiles et Voiliers

"A brilliant idea and I already feel that in order to test it out I will have to

battle for it with the editor..."

Jean-Christophe GUILLAUMIN - Multicoques Mag

"Martin Defline is an innovative architect; it was really exciting to try the

first of this unique kind of sailboat, result of an investment of four years

of work."

Patrice Carpentier - Course au Large

"This very audacious sailboat, designed by Martin Defline, is to our knowledge


Frédéric Augendre - Voiles & Voilier


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